How to view and edit your Profile

Published 4 years ago by Praveen Batra

View and Edit your Profile in MindScroll LMS

This is an easy to follow step-by-step guide to view and edit your profile details in MindScroll LMS. Using these steps, you can easily manage following activities in your MindScroll LMS account:

  • View and Edit Personal Information
  • Change or Reset Password
  • Change Profile Picture.

To manage your profile, login as user or administrator to your MindScroll LMS account.

Click on username on the top right corner and select ‘Profile’ from the drop down list.

Manage Your Account highlighted in top right drop-down

You will be redirected to your profile page. To change profile information, edit required fields and click ‘Save’.

Manage Your Account Page

To change profile image, click on the image box and upload required image.

To Remove Image click on ‘Remove Image’

Manage Your Account Page - Option to update the profile pic

To Change Password, Click on ‘Change Password’. Enter new Password, Confirm new Password’ and Click ‘Reset’.

Reset Password Option on Manage Your Account

To Change the Platform description and textual language, Click on ‘Language’. Select the Language from the drop-down that you prefer and click on Submit.

Manage Your Account - Language Preference option

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