Powerful LMS Features.
Simple to Use.

All the key LMS features you need to deliver online training

Powerful LMS Features. Simple to Use.
MindScroll Connect

MindScroll Connect (A video conferencing meeting platform by MindScroll)

  • Seamless video conferencing: Connect with colleagues, clients and friends effortlessly.
  • High-definition video and audio: Experience crystal-clear visuals and sound quality.
  • Screen sharing: Share presentations, documents, or your screen with ease.
  • Calendar integration: Schedule meetings and keep track of appointments seamlessly.
  • User-friendly interface: Easy navigation for a smooth user experience.
  • Secure and encrypted: Ensure your conversations and data are protected.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Access MindScroll Connect on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
  • Reliable support: Receive assistance whenever you need it with our dedicated customer support team.

Course Management

  • Upload content and create online courses in minutes
  • Support for Elearning, instructor-led training (ILT) and blended training
  • Support for documents, pdf, powerpoint, audio files, videos, SCORM, and web links
  • Organize and reuse files from content library
  • Use Learning Plan for guided learning and certification
  • Customize progress and score calculation parameters
LMS Course management
Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

  • Cater to a geographically disperse audience
  • Make LMS navigation easy for multilingual audience
  • Reduce the time spent in the employee on-boarding training
  • Get rid of communication barriers with non-English speaking frontline and blue-collar staff
  • Create a comfortable and consistent learning user experience
  • Make courses simple to translate and easily accessible to all learners Learn More

Online Learning In Line With UGC Guidelines

  • Make it easy for students to self-register students themselves and select their course/semester along with other info
  • Create an engaging learning experience with live virtual classes, recorded lectures, group discussions, and more
  • Verify student details and assign a unique student enrollment no. after students submit their application details
  • Conduct live virtual classrooms with web conferencing tools like Google-Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams
  • Get a robust engine for online assessment creation and assignment submission with the ability to make different question types
  • Create and maintain question banks, remotely proctor exams, and schedule exams by defining start and end times Learn More
Online Learning In Line With UGC Guidelines
Assessments and Surveys

Online Tests and Surveys

  • Create online tests and surveys easily using advanced online test platform
  • Support for multiple question types - MCQ, MMCQ, T/F, Free Text, File upload
  • Bulk upload questions to form a question bank
  • Auto-generate online tests using online test generator
  • Conduct Certification Exams- Generate Certificate using your custom template

Gamification of Learner Activity

  • Create predefined rules along with their frequency for each event such as video/live classes/course completions, etc.
  • Assign custom points against a set of rules that contribute to the leaderboard.
  • Give customized badges to learners on completing assessments, courses, and more.
  • Monitor learner activity and progress through leaderboards while fostering competition through peer performance awareness. Learn More
Gamification of Learner Activity
Social Learning

Social Learning

  • Use Discussion Forum for collaborative learning
  • Use Conferencing tools like GoToMeeting, Zoom.us and conduct virtual classroom sessions
  • Social sharing widgets to keep the learning going even outside the formal course environment

Reports and Dashboards

  • Use Comprehensive dashboard to see a snapshot of system usage, payment summary and learner progress
  • Get insights on Course Progress and Learner Activity using Visual and Interactive Summary reports at course and user level
  • Track Participation level of learners using Social Participation and Engagement Report
  • Build your own Custom Reports to track key metrics that impact your business
User reports and dashboard

Key Features


Extend MindScroll LMS by integrating with third party systems using our RESTful APIs. Implement SSO using JSON web tokens (JWT) to provide seamless single sign on experience to learners.

Virtual Classrooms
Virtual Classrooms

Easily conduct Virtual Classrooms using zoom.us - an integrated web conference tool. Schedule a meeting, deliver virtual training and track learner participation and attendance in a single report.

Secure Hosting and Backup
Secure Hosting and Backup

Hosted on a secure and scalable cloud hosting platform, we provide an average uptime of 99.9%. Automatic Periodic backup are taken to minimise data loss in the rare event of server outage.

Proctored Exam
Proctored Exam

Conduct proctored online exams using our integrated Proctored Test Engine. Verify Identity of Candidate at the beginning of exam and monitor test progress remotely via audio and video recordings.

Instructor-led Training (ILT)
Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Use our Instructor-led Training or ILT module to manage Classroom based trainings, Create and Track Session Plans, Capture learner Attendance and generate report on both online and offline training.


We support SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. Easily upload SCORM packages (industry standard for elearning courses), deliver training and track progress using our Custom SCORM tracking reports.


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