Things to take care while create an excel for Uploader or Importer

Published 4 years ago by Praveen Batra

Look out for these things while uploading the template:

We can do some steps to reverify the details:

  • Never use an old file (A file in which once data is being entered), download a new file every time from the download template option.
  • Use the trim formula to delete the extra space in the cell (write this Formula in the cell "=TRIM(<Cell address>)" and drag it down to the last column), in this question uploader file you don't need to use this formula on column Type, Answer 1, Answer 2, Answer 3, Answer 4, Answer 5.
  • Select those cells which have the data and paste those values in the exact same columns (select the blank first cell in the row only and do the paste, excel will automatically paste the value to other bottom cells)
  • whenever you are copying and pasting it into the excel file, use the special paste (By right click and selecting the option paste as value OR you can use ALT (Pressed) + E + S + V)
  • Please ensure tags written in the file are present in the portal. 
  • save the new excel file where you have made the changes & try to upload the file.

If data is pasted in the excel cell once, then you delete it by pressing the delete button or backspace button. Excel actually deletes those data from the file memory. And it's important to upload a clean sheet into the portal to create the details. (When you upload this in the file in the email, Gmail actually shows the memory data present in the sheet.)  

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