What kind of assessment you can create within the MindScroll LMS?

Published 4 years ago by Praveen Batra

Introduction to different kinds of assessments and surveys into MindScroll LMS.

This is an information guide to different kinds of assessments and surveys into your MindScroll LMS account.

Different kinds of assessments based on environment settings:

  • Mock tests – Practice tests for learners with multiple attempts & negative marking and solutions
  • Certification tests – Graded Tests with Pass % and Certification
  • Manual Evaluation – Evaluate tests conducted off-platform manually
  • Proctored Examinations – Image-based proctoring and Tab based proctoring

Different kinds of surveys based on questions:

  • The subjective question as in Free Text questions: the user who has given feedback will be known.
  • The objective question as in MCQ questions that will give a polling kind of result: the user who has given the feedback will anonymous.

Please Note: To know more about Learning Object Management, please refer to their respective documentation.

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