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How To Quickly Upskill and Reskill Your Employees in a Post COVID-19 World?

Published 1 year ago by Sana Bhat

The pandemic has made us realize how uncertain and out of control our lives can be. Post COVID-19, many companies set up online tools for e-Learning. However, no organization can be successful unless it keeps up with the pace of market change. In order to survive and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving world, organizations and employees, especially the global workforce must adapt to upskilling and reskilling themselves. 

Before we delve further into this topic, we need to understand what exactly is meant by upskilling and reskilling. Upskilling is training which enables employees to become better at a job they already do. While reskilling is the addition of new skills and capabilities to help employees shift to a new role. Let’s now discuss the ways to quickly upskill and reskill your employees in a post COVID-19 world:

Social learning

Today social or collaborative learning is gaining popularity. The reason is that collectively sharing ideas and best practices are important especially during layoffs, furloughs, and layoffs if you want to replicate success. With social learning, employee upskilling and reskilling becomes seamless and intuitive by allowing learners to educate one another. Learners can also learn in the flow of work by sharing questions and answers with subject matter experts for a holistic collaborative learning experience. Lastly, learners should also be able to contribute and access training materials specific to their new job roles where both formal and informal training materials can be made available depending on the topic and teams for the whole organization.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning is the need of the hour today. And why not? Most of us have our mobile devices always on our side. In remote work environments, smartphones and tablets play an essential role in e-learning on the job. With mobile learning, you can easily reach your remote learners through small bite-sized training content.

It’s often seen that people use Google and YouTube in the flow of work. Online learning shouldn't be anything different as it's just another tool to enhance employee skills and knowledge. Mobile learning makes corporate training easily accessible to employees so that they can quickly upskill and reskill themselves and adjust to the changes occurring in your organization. It also helps to keep your employees engaged and equipped with the tools they need whether working on the go or from home.

Personalized learning

Personalized learning means responding to learner needs in real-time and utilizing the data gathered to create content better suited to the learner’s personal needs. It is another way to effectively upskill and reskill your employees. Developing customized training paths will allow learners to be involved in the whole training process and will enable them to know the skills they need to adapt to the future. Similarly, include personalized learning objectives which tackle your employee’s professional goals as well as your organization goals.

Gamified learning

Many learners enjoy using gamification elements in their learning. Gamification allows your employees to engage with the content. When learners get excited about learning, it increases their engagement and thus makes knowledge retention more likely. Things like points, badges, and leaderboards create healthy competition and encourages sharing of ideas. Gamification also makes it simple to track learner progress and improves productivity to a great extent as employees strive to complete training to earn their place on the leaderboards.

Final thoughts

Employee skill sets are constantly changing and more so after COVID-19. This has left no other option to organizations but to adapt to the post pandemic world by quickly building their employees’ skills. We hope some of the strategies mentioned above will help you quickly upskill and reskill your workforce at scale and help your company overcome the challenges needed to rise above from the pandemic.

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