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How Technology Can Improve Skill Development

Published 3 years ago by Vikram Kumar

As you are reading this write-up, I wrote and publish this write-up with the use of technology. In fact, now you are reading this write-up also using technology. In this 21st century we are leading towards a technology-enabled world and each one of us need to be fully aware and learned to match the pace in terms of technology development in our country. Given that technology is integral to many skill-sets, it is necessary to leverage IT (Information Technology) for skill development. IT could play a major role in developing various tools and technologies for skill development. Considering the diversity of our country, cross-cultural differences, and local languages, a country-wide network will have to take into account the varied facets of Skill Development.

Our Government has also launched many initiatives to get maximum benefits of the latest technologies into the projects. Some of these initiatives are being implemented through public-private partnerships. In this progressive fleet, Skill Development initiatives have taken a frontline development. Government's initiative are supported by technology and helping our Government to implement the Skill Development projects in robust manner.

For better implementation and monitoring, on one hand there are devices like Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance Systems (AEBAS) and CCTV and one the other hand there are robust applications for assessments and training delivery. AEBAS captures attendance of all register candidates as well as staffs of the organisations. The candidate registration in the systems is linked with their Aadhar no. to avoid any duplicity and CCTV helps to check and monitor real time progress of the training delivery. There are many other devices like projector, LED TV, Tablet, High-end computers which are supporting training delivery and trainer certification.

In the same line, there are online applications available to track mobilization activities on field. It helps to identify locations for mobilization, track the movement of mobilizers and also to help them provide reports and dashboards for better understanding of the place and people.

Similarly, there are many organisations tied-up with Government to facilitate training delivery, assessment of trained candidates and certifications for them also. The good blend of technology and application makes entire training delivery a success.

It would be a wonderful world if technology supports online activities and take over some of the monitoring and tracking components such as students' attendance, training hours, session progress and capture these in the system. Today, Aadhar enabled Biometrics devices can authenticate a student, RFID cards that track students, and all these actions built into an application platform can make such a dream a reality.

The Training and Skill Development initiatives are in better shape and control by using technology and applications and achieving its target of uplifting candidates, providing them jobs and make better society over all.

In this path of progress in Training and Skill Development, MindScroll is a new age learning and assessment platform and provides complete solutions to online training delivery. It has course management, assessments & surveys, social (collaborative) learning and facility to get reports and dashboards based on the requirements.

Course Management module has upload content and create courses online facility. Assessment module supports multiple question types - MCQ, MMCQ, T/F, Free Text, File upload and also supports bulk questions upload. Reports and dashboards have excellent features to track key metrics to find gaps and impact business.

"MindScroll also provides complete solutions to manage remote training centers. This unique system has complete solutions starting from the tracking mobilization to the certification of the candidates. This system also supports Biometric attendance of the candidates and staffs."

The future is also going to be excited as some of the technology initiatives are underway. Government has allocated sizeable budgets and has engaged the services large IT and Skill Development companies to help in putting all of this backbone and framework in place. One of the focus areas is LMIS (Labour Management Information System), which is like the pulse of the skill development industry.

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