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Microlearning: A Training Solution for Corporates

Published 4 years ago by Pallavi

With the growing usage of mobile phone supported by Digitization, Microlearning is gaining popularity in E-learning market. Corporate have been incorporating it for imparting training as quick-bites, which are easy to digest and keeps the learner motivated. With microlearning, the emphasis is on just-in-time information delivery, serving crux of information, which is relevant, flexible, and specific to the user requirement, these small packs of information are quick in creation, fast to deliver, while filling each of the gaps left by ILT or a formalized E-learning module.

With the growing age of mobile learning, attentions span of the new generation has been reducing. People prefer going through a YouTube video, rather than taking long training sessions or several slides of the presentation for filling their knowledge gap. Microlearning is beneficial for all learners and for all types of training, may it be a formal session for a product demonstration or an informal one for the refreshment of ground staff knowledge.

Helping in smoothening the training process, by delivering each relevant topic of the session in crisp and precise way. Microlearning is found to be of major use in filling up the training updates and re-capturing the key aspects of the training or specific actionable.

Following features adds value to the importance of Microlearning training content:

1. Goal-Oriented

Each microlearning module is designed for specific training objective, covering one or two topics of training sessions. For example, improving soft skills of customer-facing employees, or working on a particular product feature. Being a short duration course, it emphasizes on the main points of the specific topic rather than elaborating the whole of the module.

2. Bite-sized Information

Microlearning serves learner with the specific information at their call. Small video clips, or an interview session, even a small presentation and checklist works best in serving learners with the easy to go information.

Short lessons are easy to recall and imbibe.

3. Rich Media

Being Micro-sized, e-learning content could be developed in several media formats specific to learner’s need. It could take the design of some visuals, audio, images, GIF and many more which are easy to download and read as per the comfort of a learner.

4. Learner Centric

A small chunk of knowledge can be embedded on any of the devices and in any format.

For example; organizations could serve people through above suitable files along with some interactive content or even by gamified techniques, to make learning engaging and a fun activity.

Learners could easily choose the one suitable to their habit, at their time and available at their convenience. The flexibility and personalization associated with the content create all together a different user experience.

5. Cost-Effective

Microlearning is not the complete training solution in itself, but a part of the comprehensive training plan, facilitating learner with the concise information. Therefore, designing and deploying content becomes easier, and at a lesser cost. Organizations don’t have to spend large amount on trainers for conducting a refreshment training at the premise or design the whole refreshment content for the employees.

6. Easy to Update

Being smaller in size, updating and enhancing Microlearning content is easier compared to designing and updating whole of the module, thus reducing the overall turnaround time without many efforts. Consider informing the employees about a new upcoming update in the product, Microlearning would prove to be beneficial, in deploying a small video specific to the version among employees.

7. Moment of Need

Getting stuck with the policies of organization while inducting your employees, could break the flow of the process.

Microlearning is on-time. It facilitates learner with the specific information required at the moment, thus, reducing the dependency on peer or managers. Splitting learning into smaller chunks makes it easier for a learner to find exactly what they want and go back to work quickly. Microlearning is most beneficial for time constraint learners, emphasizing only on the key points.

8. Less time Consuming

Rather than going through the whole training module, and spending time on less important items, the learner could easily go with the required topic beneficial for solving the moment’s problem. Microlearning assists in designing each module specific to learner’s query and catching the time lost elsewhere in reading the whole chapter.

9. High Impact

Unlike traditional learning where learner needs to keep their issue on hold until the next session happens, microlearning facilitates with on-demand content leaving no scope of skipping the problem. Providing learners with immediate information creates a strong positive impact at the operational level.

10. Precise and Relevant

As the duration of courses is limited, microlearning doesn’t allow wastage of even a minute. Learners get very specific, relevant information, which is to the point. Microlearning is primarily designed for solving the learner’s real-time problem with the specific answers in various formats understood by learners in one go.

Microlearning is thus the future of E-learning. With the shortening retention span of the learner, their preferences are changing towards, the information that could assist them at any point, anywhere, and on any device, with more attractive and engaging audio-visuals.

Think of your employee who goes for the sales meeting and brushes his/her knowledge on customer handling with an easy to go small documentary.

Effective Microlearning happens in such a way, that closes all knowledge gaps of learners.

Although traditional, as well as modern E-learning courses, would not be out of trend, however, microlearning would ease everything. Today’s generation wants to pull information on their own at the time required, rather than being pushed from the other side.

Microlearning being a supportive approach fulfills each of the learner’s requirement along with creating and building a higher impact of traditional and E-learning training modules.

MindScroll, supports all training content formats, with the user-friendly dashboard, and organization-specific plans. It’s an effective platform for engaging learners in one go and making the whole learning process efficient and long-lasting.

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