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Top 5 Technologies That Are Transforming The eLearning Industry

Published 1 year ago by Sana Bhat

Advanced technology is changing the business scene at a quick speed. Innovation is playing a steadily expanding role in the improvement of eLearning. All things considered, innovation is redoing the manner in which people live, impart knowledge, lead businesses, and learn and instruct. The methods involved in creating and conveying learning programs have also changed significantly.

Advanced technologies and innovations are rapidly changing many industries, especially the eLearning industry. It is changing the way people live, lead businesses, and learn and train. The methods involved in developing and delivering training programs have also evolved to a great extent.

Modern organizations have to transform the way they design, deliver, and assess training in order to thrive and flourish in today’s rapidly changing eLearning industry. Highlighted below are 5 top technologies that are disrupting and transforming the business of learning with examples of companies that are using these technologies in their training programs.

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

The growing abilities of computers to learn, reason, and self-correct is reshaping the manner in which people communicate and interact with softwares. LMS’s using Artificial Intelligence (AI) can utilize the adaptive learning approach to personalize their training. This in turn can greatly improve the effectiveness of training modules by matching each learner’s unique skills, abilities, needs, and preferences. For example, many organizations use AI enabled learning platforms to recommend personalized content that aligns with each learner’s job, interests, and earlier training. Many companies also use intelligent chatbots to guide learners through their online training programs and enhance their learning experience.

2. Predictive learning analytics (PLA)

This is another rising technology used to predict future results and lower unproductive learning content, also known as “piece learning”. By analyzing LMS’s training data for trends and patterns, organizations can improve their programs to better engage learners, increase course completion levels, and train learners more effectively. Many organizations use their LMS’s training data to analyze the effectiveness of their courses based on learner participation and success metrics and identify areas for improvement.

3. Cloud-based platforms

Many organizations are increasingly going towards cloud-based LMS platforms for more open and low maintenance options. Using a cloud-based LMS has many advantages for both learners and organizations. For instance, their enhanced accessibility allows learners to access their account from any supported area with an internet connection. Plus, a cloud-based LMS allows organizations faster deployment and easy scalability without any issues.

4. Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is another emerging technology which has many benefits for learners. By connecting and associating with a large number of users/organizations, learners can benefit from the easy access to an aggregate information base. This has led to a huge rise in the development of social learning devices. Many organizations which have implemented such social learning tools have achieved good profits and return on investment (ROI). In fact, studies have shown that social learning has a 75:1 ROI ratio compared to conventional web-based training programs.

5. Virtual reality (VR)

Lastly, virtual reality (VR) is another emerging technology that has a lot of potential to boost eLearning and create immersive experiences with its 3D virtual environments. Today virtual reality technologies are empowering organizations to simulate situations which are hard or hazardous to create in real life. For example, companies like UPS used VR reenactments to teach new drivers the way to safely drive its delivery vehicles in a variety of different conditions. Similarly, WalMart utilized a 360-degree to incorporate it into a realistic VR training in order to prepare its employees for Black Friday.

Final Thoughts

Post COVID-19, the eLearning industry has witnessed tremendous growth with interest in the online training increasing at a fast speed. Many new players are entering the market due to which this industry is continuously developing and new versatile technologies are emerging.

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