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How MindScroll has gamified its LMS platform to enhance user activity?

Published 8 months ago by Sana Bhat

Nothing sounds better than learning and gaming at the same time. Doesn’t it? Now you can also gamify your users’ learning experience with MindScroll’s gamification feature in the LMS to increase your learner participation, engagement, and competition. This is done by using a system of rules, points, badges, and leaderboards on the platform.

On MindScroll we have gamified the LMS in such a way where you can define rules for each learner activity and based on that you can award points and badges to your learners. Read this article below to know more about how you can make learning more fun and exciting for your employees with MindScroll’s in-built gamification feature.

How our MindScroll users are benefiting from gamification in the LMS?

• More rewarding and fun learning experience

• Healthy competitive learning environment

• Higher employee confidence and motivation

• Better training recall and retention rates

How our MindScroll customers are benefiting from gamification in the LMS?

• Faster adoption of LMS

• Higher learner activity and engagement on LMS

• Quicker course completion through healthy competition

• Faster and smoother onboarding process

How can you gamify your learning activity on MindScroll LMS?

How can you gamify your learning activity on MindScroll LMS?

1. Create your own rules for learner activities

Create predefined rules along with their frequency for each event such as video/live classes/course completions, etc. Based on these rules, you can then assign points and badges. This helps to promote better learner motivation and engagement.


2. Reward your learners with points

Points are a powerful feature of gamification. You can assign custom points against a set of rules that contribute to the leaderboard. This helps to build learner excitement and promote active learning.


3. Award your learners’ achievements with badges

Give badges to learners on completing assessments, courses, and more. Select from our existing template or upload your own company-branded badges. This provides clear goals for learners which will motivate them. This will in turn improve their knowledge and engagement levels.


4. Track learner progress with leaderboards

Leaderboards are a great way to monitor learner activity and progress They foster competition through peer performance awareness. Plus they also boost your learners’ confidence and help your company better understand learning adoption through the LMS.



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