LMS for the Education Industry

Enhance the student learning experience, track learner progress, create interactive courses and a variety of online tests with MindScroll LMS.

Powerful LMS Features. Simple to Use.

Around 72% of students have been impacted globally by school closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak

UNESCO - COVID-19 Educational Disruption and Response

2020 Education Industry Fact Sheet

Powerful LMS Features. Simple to Use.

How an LMS can turn education industry challenges into opportunities

LMS Online Sales Training

Combat social isolation due to COVID-19 by bringing students together with online discussion forums and group projects

LMS Online Sales Training

Maintain student engagement in the pandemic with online teaching using recorded and live virtual classrooms

LMS Online Sales Training

Minimize learning disruption by reaching out to students across different locations amid the uncertainty of school reopenings

LMS Online Sales Training

Make education more cost-effective to counter the problem of fewer resources, funds and a lower number of student services

LMS Online Sales Training

Improve student attendance by interactive learning and better communication between students, parents, and teachers

LMS Online Sales Training

Manage the changing student needs and expectations with individual learning path

Top benefits of choosing MindScroll LMS for the education industry

MindScroll is the new age LMS to deliver and track online training and development for employees, partners, and customers. It’s a great scalable cloud LMS for small, medium and large businesses. Being simple to use with powerful features, your employees can be easily trained and their performance can be tracked. Training management systems, integrated virtual classrooms, online test engines, and collaborative eLearning tools – it’s all you need to deliver effective training and development across the globe.

Live Virtual Classrooms

Conduct live virtual classrooms, deliver virtual training and track student attendance and participation using Zoom - an integrated video conferencing tool.

Anytime Anywhere Learning

Provide students with instant access to eLearning content at their own pace and location. Track and manage online teaching from anywhere anytime.

Fast Implementation

Get started in minutes with no installations or plugin requirements. Easily deliver online education on any device with a simple onboarding process.

Course Management

Create online courses easily. Upload and reuse course materials such as powerpoint, pdf, videos, audio files, and documents.

Assessment Engine

Create online tests, question types, and surveys using the in-built online test platform. Reward students with certificates on successful completion.

Tracking And Reporting

Track student participation level, performance and activity insights. Monitor course and student progress with a comprehensive dashboard.

Ready to kickstart your training?

If you want to take your education training to the next level with an easy to use cloud-based LMS, explore all features of MindScroll LMS or schedule a demo today! You can also easily create live virtual classrooms using the Zoom integration with MindScroll LMS. Learn more here.

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