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Increasing your Organization’s Productivity using E-learning Solution

Published 4 years ago by Pallavi

The percentage of organizational profit is directly proportional to the productivity of its employees. Today, employees need to remain well informed about all organizational processes and information which creates an impact on their working along with influencing the customer experience.

After taking several days of classroom training for incorporating operational knowledge, employees do struggle for getting customer specific answer at run-time, for instance, think of the efficiency of your sales executive who goes for a sales meeting and searches for product details on internet or a customer care executive who is dealing with a customer problem and is looking for a manager to give the solution… Employees have been relying on Google generated content for filling their knowledge gap at run-time, ignoring the fact that customers want personalized answers to their problems.

Calling an expertise each time for limited sessions and with limited logistics, restricts the benefits of training in organizations besides bringing higher cost.

E-learning on contrary becomes the best solution when it goes to getting your employees trained, and equipped with all training material at all time. Besides diminishing the need for Google-like search engines to generate answers, a learning platform serves employee with flexible, customized, and familiar content formats, allowing users to access content at their own pace and review as many times as necessary.

It encourages employees to engage with the platform as their go-to source of information to find answers, and reduce the frequency of distractions along with increased productivity.

Learning never remains a theory, when it has direct application on your work. Therefore, engaging learners and getting them involved with learning content by allowing them to retrieve answers on their own, earn rewards on each content and assessments do makes an effect in increasing their learning and retaining process. E-learning facilitates learners with all content, attached to assignments in order to judge and analyze the level of knowledge imbibed at each course and level.

Here are a few ways in which a learning platform could behave effectively.

Standardized Content Book for Global Outreach:

For globally operating organizations, it becomes a challenge to keep every employee on the same platform, aware of all updates. Conducting ILT at different locations not only consumes time and cost rather also slows down the process for rolling out a new update and hence stopping the enterprise to move quickly. E-learning platform proves to be the best training manager for these global organizations. Unlike classroom training, it serves the learner with the same content, at the learner’s pace, and in all formats and languages irrespective of the country or region they belong to.

Personalized Content Provider:

Each person is different in terms of their requirements, understanding, retention, and performance. Tracking and assimilating learners on the learning platform, knowing which content do they use, how do they use, how often do they use… helps the trainer to create and disperse content specific to learner’s behavior. Having a training program with best audio-visual, interactive material gives learners a freedom to select the one as per their comfort.

When people get what they want, in their own understandable format, they tend to retain more, remain confident and productive.

All-time Training Assistant:

Supplying specific information to learners at the specific time, with specific content and format, facilitates in saving the minutes lost in information search.

With video-based, micro-sized learning content in trend, learners could easily be equipped with all data at their call, specific to their search and requirement, in granular size, eventually contributing in saving productive hours of employees.

Motivator with Regular Audits:

Learning Management System allows you to audit not only the learner’s performance rather your content as well. Training and testing the effectiveness with pen-paper test could be possible between ten to fifty employees, however, performing the same process between hundreds and more for each of your training and refreshment module does not create much impact. Learning platform facilitates tracking each of the learner’s activity, more deeply on each content and module along with providing instant results on screen.

Integrating your learning platform with Gamification technique would allow you to bring an environment of competitiveness in learning and training process, where employees could get instant feedback, with a push for performing better and remaining motivated all time.

Instant Problem Solver:

Today’s learning platforms have robust technology that allows the learner to perform and get expertise suggestion instantly whenever in need. Discussion Forum allows learners to interact with peers and managers for getting their doubts cleared, simultaneously remain engaged with learning material, and diminish the feeling of isolation, in addition, creating an environment of socialization, peer to peer learning and validation are a few other highlights of an effective learning platform.

Solving employees doubts at hand helps in saving wastage of search time along with answering client’s problem instantly and increasing the productivity of the organization.

Data does speak, and a learning management platform gives you immense data on your content as well as on your employee’s performance, allowing you to analyze and make a decision on each aspect. Employee’s productivity relies majorly on the perfect training experience, where employees could easily have content in their hand at their call. E-learning supports the organization training by enhancing user experience in all ways, alongside dealing with the major problem of employee turn-over with scalability of platform.

MindScroll has been working with large enterprises and helping them in building learning experience of learners along with their productivity, besides processing data at run-time. MindScroll a cloud-native learning platform, with major trendy features including, Certification, Gamification, Discussion forum, Real-time data processing, Micro-learning, Mobile learning…and much more have been facilitating in increasing organizational efficiency in the competitive market.

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