LMS for the Insurance Industry

Adapt to the changing market conditions, adopt effective staffing strategies and face new insurance industry challenges with MindScroll LMS.

Powerful LMS Features. Simple to Use.

About 400,000 unfilled job openings are expected by the end of 2020 due to the anticipated exit of insurance employees nearing retirement age

Deloitte Insights 2019 & Captive International 2019

2020 Insurance Industry Fact Sheet

Powerful LMS Features. Simple to Use.

How an LMS can turn insurance industry challenges into opportunities

LMS Online Sales Training

Lower the turnover of both skilled and early-career employees

LMS Online Sales Training

Reduce the high training costs of new employees

LMS Online Sales Training

Identify employees with specific skills and compliance gaps

LMS Online Sales Training

Decrease the time spent on on-the-job training

LMS Online Sales Training

Reduce the pressure to control and lower expenses due to the market volatility

LMS Online Sales Training

Meet high costs of compliance in a very regulated environment

Top benefits of choosing MindScroll LMS for the insurance industry

MindScroll is the new age LMS to deliver and track online training and development for employees, partners, and customers. It’s a great scalable cloud LMS for small, medium and large businesses. Being simple to use with powerful features, your employees can be easily trained and their performance can be tracked. Training management systems, integrated virtual classrooms, online test engines, and collaborative eLearning tools – it’s all you need to deliver effective training and development across the globe.

Standardized training

Provide standardized training across multiple offices, subsidiaries, and local branches. Centrally manage employees at any level of the hierarchy.

Compliance management

Track the progression of essential compliance training such as GLBA, FFIEC, or BSA/AML. Streamline financial compliance with regulatory and industry requirements.

Fast implementation

Get started in minutes with no installations or plugin requirements. Easily deliver online insurance training on any device with a simple onboarding process.

Quick updates

Develop new insurance training materials effortlessly. Quickly inform employees to keep them updated with the latest products or policy changes as the need arises.

Role-based training

Assign specific training materials according to the roles or departments so that employees can view the information relevant to their jobs.

Tracking and reporting

Track system usage, employee performance, and activity insights. Monitor course progress with a comprehensive dashboard.

Ready to kickstart your training?

If you want to take your insurance training to the next level with an easy to use cloud-based LMS, explore all features of MindScroll LMS or schedule a demo today! And while your employees work from home, you can quickly shift to remote working with MindScroll LMS. Learn more here.

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