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Mindscroll LMS for online employee training

What is online employee training and development?

It is defined as enhancing the skills and knowledge of your staff. It is developing the future growth of your staff. Resulting in a high-performing and flexible workforce. With online employee training and development, you can do a lot more. You can deliver your online employee training and development efficiently and quickly. You can also increase your productivity to a great extent.

According to recent research, 94% of the workforce said they would stay in a company longer if it invested in their career growth. Today most companies know the value of online training programs. They also know that employees expect and want such programs. Because continuous learning improves your staff performance. And creates a satisfying career path for them.

LMS Online Employee Training Programs

What are the benefits of online employee training programs?

Such programs have many benefits. It lowers your employee turnover, increases your revenue, and keeps your business competitive. So, it’s good for both your employees and your business.

LMS Employee TrainingHigher productivity

When your employees develop new skills, their productivity, and work performance increases. Their skills also remain relevant to industry standards. Moreover, the capacity of your staff to acquire new technologies and techniques increases. Resulting in higher product and strategy innovations.

LMS Employee TrainingGreater motivation

A good online training program increases your workforce motivation and morale long-term. All measures of job satisfaction are also improved. Your staff turnover, absenteeism, dissatisfaction, and complaints are also decreased.

LMS Employee TrainingConsistency of work methods:

You can standardize and make available the best work methods for all your workforce. This consistency will improve your staff performance to a great extent.

LMS Employee TrainingReduced supervision

Your workforce requires less supervision which means that you don’t need to provide constant and detail supervision. Though the need for supervision isn’t reduced altogether.

LMS Employee TrainingStructured learning

You can reduce your staff learning time with a structured online program. Your workforce develops new skills and knowledge in a systematic manner. Rather than learning by trial and error or by observing others.

Why choose MindScroll LMS?

MindScroll is the new age LMS to deliver and track online training and development for employees, partners, and customers. It’s a great scalable cloud LMS for small, medium and large businesses. Being simple to use with powerful features, your employees can be easily trained and their performance can be tracked. Training management systems, integrated virtual classrooms, online test engines, and collaborative eLearning tools – it’s all you need to deliver effective training and development across the globe.

Course/Content management
  • Fast content upload and course creation/reuse
  • Support for eLearning, blended and instructor-led training
  • Support for audio/video files, PowerPoint, SCORM, documents & web links
Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Easy access anywhere anytime on any device
  • Unparalleled user experience with simple to use admin panel
  • More productive and enjoyable LMS experience
Certificate management
  • Conduction of certification exams, and generation of certificates
  • Creation and auto-generation of tests using the online test engine
  • A variety of tests (Mock/Timed/Proctored) to choose from
  • Customization of the theme with a logo, custom domain, and brand colors
  • Configuration of custom rules to automate workflows
  • Customization of progress and score measurement parameters
Report engine and dashboard
  • Extensive dashboard with system usage and learner performance
  • Course progress and learner activity insights with interactive summary reports
  • Tracking learner participation levels with social participation and engagement report
  • Plug and play LMS software without installation or plugin needs
  • Simple sign-in and course delivery in a fully hosted solution
  • Easy set up with a simple onboarding process and integrated data importers
  • Support for self-paced mobile learning

Simple and Easy to Use for All Your Training Needs

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