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Recent Trends of E-learning Industry

Published 6 months ago by Amit Dayal

The world is accelerating at a fast pace and so is the trends in learning industry. From classroom to CD-ROM, to intranet and now towards cloud-based, learning industry has transformed. As a result, a variety of new corporate e-learning trends have emerged, which makes the training process quick and smooth. Today’s training is more focused on user experience than on organization’s convenience.

With millennial age dominating the organization’s workforce; incorporating fast and effective training resource, comprising of all recent trendy features, has become the need of organizations.

To move in parallel with the requirements of the tech-savvy workforce, some of the popular trends in the evolution of e-learning industry are:

1. Microlearning

It’s not just about the attention span of people but also about making relevant content available to user more quickly. Conducting two-three days of seminars at some destination, does not satisfies the need for training employees, rather incorporating Microlearning repositories, for fulfilling the “moments need”, with specific, quick, focused, bite-size, accessible content could make a bigger and lasting impact.

2. Content Curation

Content developers are moving towards developing and deploying content which is user-focused, and value-adding in learning process. E-learning has this advantage of providing user with content in various consumable user-friendly formats, video, text, image, SCORM… and in unlimited amount. Content developer are now working towards tagging resources and making the content from already existing repositories, available to the learner as per the need of learners at run-time

3. Mobile Learning

Mobile is not just a socializing device anymore. It has become a need of people. With growing y-generation workforce in organizations, mobile learning is need of the hour for catering to the impatient generation. Micro-learning is facilitating mobile learning, making entire user experience fast and flexible. Mobile is an important growth-driver in transformation of e-learning, rooting to many other trends.

4. Video

Modern learning is getting more and more dependent on people engaging elements such as audio, videos. Major research study done by Edgar Dare, specifies that people retain 15% higher via audio/video when compared to classroom training, comprising just 5% of learning. Interactive videos, live streaming, micro, learner-recorded video is gaining huge popularity in increasing learners experience delivered via learning platform. 

5. Personalization

Every person has unique preferences and grasping capabilities. They also vary in performance and experience, some may learn by hearing or seeing, others may prefer reading or practicing. E-learning platform today, facilitates individualized learning by providing various options for content deployment allowing the learners to consume content or get trained the way, they feel more comfortable with.

6. Intelligent Data

Technology makes it easier to track, evaluate, and serve the users within content. Learning management system provides all user data analytics, based on their activity, performance, preferences, enables in creating personalized content and conditional delivery.

Training has now moved ahead, focusing on enhancing learning experience which beyond beautifully-made effective content. New Age learning platforms, like MindScroll, are working towards catering to the new trends, they have a very light foot-print on the devices, they are mobile ready to ensure the UI and the UX maps to the new form factor. Contents are captured at the granular level with meta data and content tags. Courses are allowed to be created both in a structured manner as the training need and dynamically as per the user requirements. We at MindScroll believe that technology platform is an enabler and let the industry try out and shape itself as per user industry need and user evolution.

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