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6 Reasons for Why Blended Learning is Beneficial?

Published 4 years ago by Pallavi

Organizations have been relying heavily on classroom based, instructor-led training, since ages, investing huge on logistics costs additionally in traveling and accommodation expenses, making training an expensive activity. If we judge the interaction level of a classroom session, training generally remains a one-way process, where learners many times not being able to clear all doubts and assessments confidently. Seen from the corporate perspective, training demands session to be more of practical, where each of the employees needs to be well versed and expert on the matter, without compromising on any of the element of training topic, and assisting learner with individual attention and exposer.

With the growing demand in the market along with advancement in technology, the dynamic aspect of external environment has been taking a move on each day. Organizations need to remain and make their employees responsive to every change, therefore, conducting training each week and month, calls for huge costs on employer’s side.

However, moving with the technologically healthy market, blended learning opens a gate for both enterprises as well as for expertise, allowing content delivering not only with face-to-face sessions rather combined with digital tools.

Every industry has been assuming the need for this Blended learning concept, along with the benefits it has been hatching for training process, as traditional method of ILT has been going all fine since decades

We are all aware of the fact the economy works, nothing appears without demand in the market. With growing, globalization and diversification of organizations Blended learning found its way in the market. Catering to the standardized need of training in organizations and providing on-demand content to learners in a cost-efficient way, are a few triggers behind the introduction of blended learning.

Blended courses have been in popularity as it allows flexibility to not only learners rather the trainer as well while retaining the advantages associated with classroom learning. Evolved out of the need for growing accessibility of content, unanticipated need for physical trainers and different learning styles of learners, blended learning is one such approach, catering to each of the current market requirements.

To simplify it all, we have inaugurated best six reasons to why online learning to be integrated with traditional classroom learning method

Expanded Reach:

Blended learning frees the instructor from conducting limited classroom sessions whereas, expands their reach to more people at more places, delivering high-quality content in a cost-efficient way. Limited by time and physical presence would not be a constraint for the expertise when supported by a Learning Platform. You can easily record your lectures, create presentations, upload on the platform and make it available to end number of users in one go.

Flexible Accessibility:

Having online content allows you to make material available anytime and anywhere with your users. Instead of having sessions at a fixed time and for fixed hours, you can easily upload your material in one go as per your availability and can provide to learners for getting engaged whenever they require. Having your sessions integrated with online platform gives you and your trainees the flexibility to learn as per the respective feasibility.

Easy Evaluations:

It has always been time-consuming to evaluate each of the learners, create test and grade each person individually. Creating your assessment online and adding MCQ | MMCQ | Fill in the blanks | True/False | Subjective type questions as per your requirement, assigning certification to each of the test required in just few steps is all possible using integration of system with classroom training method today, all you need is just the questions at hand. Every calculations and evaluation are being easily calculated by the platform itself.

Better Data:

It provides students another chance to go through the curriculum, and engage with the content. Learning and taking assessments on the platform also checking on the material in case stuck with the topic, having a E-learning system at your premise allows you to track each individual’s activity throughout the course, including the number of sign in, courses started, assessment taken and scores achieved and many more. Tracking learners on each of their moves and providing personalized assistance in direction of the data are a few major reasons to adopt e-learning in your existing system.

Variety of Content Formats:

In a class of 15 learners, there is a high chance that every 3rd person would be from a different background, whereas when it comes to delivering a lecture the trainer doesn’t change their style according to each of them. Blended learning proves to be beneficial in such scenario, where there are content in different formats of audio, video, images, dynamic, static, catering to each individual need.

Make Learning Fun:

You must have had those one-way sessions, where there was no fun and engaging material in between, also nothing to motivate for taking the session. E-learning empowers the learners to take the session by themselves, giving the flexibility to access the material anytime. Adding Gamification like module with a few entertaining twists where learners feel motivated and enthusiastic to take up the content on their own adds up to training delivery process.

Thus, Blended learning is the new approach to pick and start with, while delivering your material to learners. Although it has been completely adopted by higher educational institutes and many of the organizations, however, many people are still struggling with the concept. It not only saves your time and cost rather also facilitates in making your classroom communication more effective. MindScroll having discussion forum, live classes, like modules enables the expertise to take training and answer every doubt of learner without making their presence compulsory at the premise all time.

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