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Best Practices For Microlearning In 2022

Published 1 year ago by Sana Bhat

Recently microlearning has become the go-to eLearning solution for many firms looking to revamp their training programs. Learning outcomes improve to a great extent with bite-sized learning delivered on the go through a variety of media without overwhelming busy learners. Microlearning is also more quick, accessible, and efficient than conventional eLearning programs. In fact, microlearning is one of the top 2022 eLearning trends and will continue to remain the top choice for organizations looking to create highly engaging training solutions. 

Today the way we work and consume content has created an environment where microlearning is the preferred choice for many organizations. Microlearning is definitely the future of learning. Eager to give microlearning a try? Get the best results with your online training by reading about the best practices for microlearning in the blog article below.

1. Create Quizzes For Learners To Review Content

Quizzes can help you deliver robust and engaging microlearning sessions. Quizzes can help you to break your training content to make it more accessible. You can improve information recall and retention by including short and snappy quizzes at the end of each lesson break. This is important since, in long lessons covering various topics, your employees will struggle to remember all the content by the time they reach the end of the lesson break.

Quizzes also prevent learner burnout, reduce cognitive load, and provide your learner with simple check-in points to ensure that they are properly understanding the training content. This constant review of the content will help your employees get instant feedback and a better understanding of what they know well and what needs more work.

With MindScroll LMS, you can create interactive quiz questions and other multiple question types to make your content engaging, test employee knowledge, and improve their content recall. Learn more about all features of MindScroll LMS here.

2. Utilize Gamification To Make Content Engaging

Gamification can be integrated with microlearning content to make it more engaging. Game elements like points, levels, badges, and leaderboards will motivate your employees to collect more rewards, complete more game challenges and keep them engaged with the training content. This will lead to improved course completion rates and learner interactivity with the content.

With gamification, your learners will be more likely to learn something new when they find the time or when they want to take a break from their busy schedules. This combination of microlearning and gamification will get your employees excited and motivated.

You can use MindScroll LMS’s in-built gamification feature with rules, points, badges, and leaderboards to make learning more fun and exciting for your employees and increase learner participation, engagement, and competition. Learn more here.

3. Use A Mobile-Friendly Platform For Anytime Anywhere Learning 

Today mobile devices have moved beyond the limitations of just a gadget. It is now a versatile and fully-functioning device on which we consume all types of content daily. So your microlearning content needs to be mobile-responsive so that you can give your employees great flexibility and they can access it on their devices and learn new concepts, knowledge, and skills on the go. 

It’s essential that your employees are able to consume your microlearning content on their mobile devices apart from their work desks at the workplace. Because if employee training is not available on mobiles, employees will not consume the microlearning content much and training can quickly feel like another distraction from job tasks. 

You can create mobile-responsive microlearning content on a fully responsive, intuitive, and mobile-friendly platform like MindScroll LMS which can be accessed anytime anywhere on any device. Learn more about the benefits of mobile learning here.

4. Mix Up The Content By Using Multiple Formats

People learn differently: some prefer videos, some like audio commentary, and others prefer graphic content. The big benefit of microlearning is that you can use it to present content concisely via multimedia. So mix up the format of your microlearning content by using multiple formats. Try different learning styles by diversifying the use of images, graphics, audio, video, etc to make your microlearning content more attractive and engaging.

With MindScroll LMS’s support for multiple content formats, you can have a variety of microlearning content from documents, pdfs, powerpoints, audio files, videos, images, SCORM, and web links. Learn more about all features of MindScroll LMS here.

Final Thoughts

Microlearning is a very effective corporate training strategy. Microlearning can increase the motivation of your employees toward learning. It can help you find the knowledge gaps and address them and reinforce the knowledge acquired and build better retention.

On a final note, microlearning is indeed one of the best ways to fine-tune and add some extra punch to your training courses. With short bite-sized easy-to-digest chunks of learning content, you can effectively make training more flexible, consumable, and meaningful for your employees. What’s more is that microlearning works well across various topics, industries, and for learners across generations. Thus microlearning is the future of learning that will work well for the modern workforce allowing them to learn at their own pace and preference. Schedule a demo if you want to know how you can use MindScroll LMS for providing microlearning solutions.

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Mindscroll is now in line with UGC Guidelines (Annexure 9) for Online Learning Management for Indian Universities!

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How MindScroll’s advanced assessment capability can help you to easily conduct and assess online tests for your employee training courses?

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