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Top 6 Benefits of Mobile Learning

Published 2 years ago by Sana Bhat

The use of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) are impacting our lives in many ways. 80% of the world’s population uses smartphones according to an estimate by Ericsson. Today mLearning is becoming the standard of eLearning. And why not? It is very effective. There is enough proof to show its contribution to quality eLearning experiences. Thus, it’s becoming a favourite choice for online employee training programs.

Why is mobile learning becoming so popular? Why are mobile devices used as powerful eLearning solutions? In this blog article, we find out why.

Rise of The Generation Y

Today Millennials or Generation Y are rapidly entering the workforce. They are forecasted to make about 50% of the global workforce by 2020. The younger generation mostly uses smartphones and tablets. Hence, many organizations have adopted BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs.

Change in Learning Patterns

Many people now want to learn on the go. They prefer multimedia like interactive/animated videos, podcasts, audio. They also prefer bite-sized microlearning that engage them better. Research has shown that training on employee devices has led to a rise in productivity of up to 40%.

Improvements in Technology

The ease with which mLearning apps, games, and videos are used for training courses have contributed a lot to mobile learning. Responsive design has allowed for friendly integration with LMS. Many technological tools are also helping trainers in tracking employee progress.

Top Benefits of Mobile Learning

Now that you know why mLearning is quickly being adopted in many companies. Let’s now explore its top benefits.

Flexibility in Learning

This has removed the need for learning to be fixed to a certain time or place. Your employees can now learn from videos, podcasts, etc on tablets and smartphones. There is also an added flexibility of accessing this content anytime, anywhere.

Better Retention and Completion Rate

Mobile learning's designed to fit the studying pattern of learners and their device usage habits. mLearning also equips your employees to complete and start courses at their own pace. Leading to a smooth experience and an improved knowledge retention rate.

Social or Collaborative Learning

Today your young employees prefer to study in collaboration with others. Hence, mobile devices are powerful tools that have made gaining knowledge more effective. Moreover, with online communities, the Gen Y engagement has increased.

Improved Performance

It’s one of the most important advantages of mobile learning. Your employees also prefer studying methods that don’t interrupt their daily routines. This leads to higher learner performance levels and a better experience. It also makes information easy to access while at work.

Multiple Device Usage

Mobile learning on multiple devices has made your employee training easy and convenient. It is now possible for the same course to be available on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

Better Engagement

Personalization is one of the many benefits of mobile learning. It has increased your employee motivation and engagement. You can also keep track of their training as mLearning is accessible at any time. Further, the ease of access with bite-sized nuggets has led to high retention.

Final Word

With the rising use of mobiles and apps, mLearning is here to stay. Many organizations already use a mobile-friendly LMS. With such benefits, many organizations will install mLearning for online training.

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