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6 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Learning Management System

Published 4 years ago by Nitika Duggal

Mobile devices have become the most important part of our daily lives. People spend a great part of their daytime searching for information on their mobile devices, and the workplace is no exception.

From the organizations’ perspective, this trend has impacted all business areas and Learning & Development (L&D) is no exception. The modern workforce is mobile, demands flexible work hours and work from outside office most of the time. They expect their learning to be equally flexible. Mobile learning or Mlearning has, thus, become a new major change in the training industry.

As a business leader, you may often find yourself asking the questions like “Why should I implement mobile learning when I already have an LMS in place?”. “How it will impact the training of my employees?”. Indeed, having an LMS is the first priority but that alone may not suffice for your learning strategy to be most effective. The LMS should also support mobile learning with native mobile apps and features like offline content access.

Let’s look at six reasons why you should adopt a mobile Learning Management System:

Learning Flexibility

The flexibility of learning is what can make training more acceptable and fun for employees. Learning may come across as a burden if it is too theoretical and time-bound. Mobiles are such a constant part of an employee’s everyday life that they won’t take the training as an additional chore of their work life.

Mobile learning apps powered by a mobile LMS offers such flexibility by providing anytime, anywhere access to learners. With capabilities like offline learning support, users can learn even without connecting to the internet.

Fit for Millennials

One of the challenges faced by current business industries is to accommodate millennials. The newer generation is used to a more ‘on the go’ lifestyle, which makes traditional corporate training methods less attractive to them. On the other hand, they are more accustomed to advanced technologies like smartphones. A mobile LMS offers a better fit for them as they can easily learn using mobile apps in a similar way they use a social app or a video app.

Employee Engagement

A mobile Learning Management System with features like a discussion forum, social sharing, video conferencing and similar collaboration tools also encourage employee engagement. Users can openly share ideas, knowledge, and generate conversations around training topics. The easy availability of mobile applications and better connectivity of mobiles makes it easier to discover newer information and spread it among the employees. It provides a social aspect that connects like-minded employees. It not only enhances the learning process but provides an organization a friendlier learning environment.

Easy Scaling

A mobile LMS is not just easily adaptable within a business environment but it can also be evolved as easily to meet the changing training needs. As a business grows, the employee development may become complex. If following traditional training methods, it will take more time to find and arrange the learning materials that are compatible with the new needs. With mobile tools, the updates are easier to manage.

Just in Time Learning

Traditional methods of corporate training like Classroom Training and Elearning are more suited for teaching in-depth concepts and specific skills to learners. For scenarios like quick knowledge distribution or reinforcement concepts, mLearning is more suitable.

With mobile learning apps, powered by mobile LMS, learners can access information at the time of their need and do not have to wait for the next training session. This is extremely helpful for sales and support enablement.

Less Costly

Apart from being a highly efficient method for employee training and development, a mobile LMS is also less costly for businesses. The cost incurred on expensive off-site training, logistics, trainers, and travel can be significantly reduced with mobile learning.

With readily available smartphones with the employees and inexpensive or free applications, organizations have to incur fewer costs on resources as compared to conventional training modes.

Final Word

Mobile devices are a part of our new learning environment and its time to harness their potential for employee training. A mobile learning management system can help organizations to train their employees more effectively and efficiently. If you want to improve your organization’s productivity and performance in smarter and less costly methods, then a mobile LMS is the best option. It is feasible for small and large businesses alike.

If you are looking for a Learning Management System which supports mLearning, you can explore MindScroll LMS. Take a 15-day Free Trial, download our mobile app and experience the process yourself.

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