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Case Study: How Bata India quickly switched to virtual training during COVID-19 with MindScroll LMS?

Published 2 years ago by Sana Bhat

Client Overview

Bata India is a leading footwear manufacturer and retailer present in 70+ countries. It is the world's second-largest shoe manufacturer by volume. And today it sells more than 180 million pairs of shoes annually across 5800 retail outlets. 

In today’s case study, get insights on how MindScroll LMS helped Bata India move to virtual training almost overnight for its 5000 learners amid the COVID-19 pandemic. What’s more is that Bata India’s semi blue-collar non-tech-savvy retail store employees were able to easily train themselves online anytime, anywhere. Definitely not an easy feat! So how was this done? It was the result of MindScroll’s user-friendly interface, great scale-up capabilities, and integration with all major video conferencing platforms that made it all possible.

The Big Challenge Faced

• All training programs had to be quickly shifted online during COVID-19

• Existing classroom training sessions had to be closed down immediately

• A big surge in the number of users that had to be trained swiftly

• The platform had to be scaled up to meet the sudden high training demand

Mindscroll LMS’s Solution

• Used the platform’s great ability to scale up at the backend overnight to meet the increased training demand

• Got trainers to effortlessly conduct training using MindScroll’s integration with major web conferencing tools like Google-Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams

• Ensured that there was zero downtime while moving all training online

The Result Achieved

• The increased training demand of 5000 retail store staff was met smoothly in very less time

• Rapid adoption and seamless training were made possible with the platform’s simple and easy to use UI for non-tech savvy users

• The platform was scaled up successfully despite the huge rise in user volume by 4-5 times

• Trainers were easily able to conduct live virtual training using MindScroll’s integration with Zoom, MS Teams, and Google-Meet

• The business was not impacted in any way during the COVID-19 pandemic

• The training sessions continued anytime anywhere despite no classroom training

• Employees were able to remain productive and connected to the organization

“We have been using MindScroll since April 2016. It has been truly transformative for our organization. Today employees all across our stores use MindScroll. In fact, it is so popular that instead of calling learning management system or application, everyone calls MindScroll as the de facto training tool. We endorse MindScroll as a transformative learning experience platform (LXP) for an organization. We have received tremendous business gains by using this platform.”

Prashant Bhardwaj

Assistant Vice President - HR

Bata India Limited

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