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5 Examples of Using Gamification in Learning

Published 4 years ago by Sana Bhat

Everybody likes games. Games encourage learning which happens in practice through immersive experiences. It’s becoming one of the most popular and effective methods of learning. It’s estimated to grow to $1.2 billion in 2020 (Global Education Gamification Market Report 2016-2020). It’s also a very useful and valuable tool in making effective online courses. Further, it can improve employee retention and motivation.

In this blog article, we’ll show you how to make immersive eLearning by using gamification in learning. We’ll also show you a few examples of using gamification in an LMS. Read now to know how you can make it more fun and exciting for all!

What is gamification?

Its more than only playing games. It’s to apply game mechanics to increase engagement, participation, competition, and loyalty. It’s also to use game design thinking to non-game contexts in solving problems. This is done by using the system of points, levels, badges, leaderboards, and direct competitions. It improves the motivation of your workforce. It also allows them to face and achieve several goals and challenges. It is emerging fast in many industries especially education and training. So how can you apply it? We provide you 5 examples of gamification in learning.

5 Examples of gamification in learning

1. Badges

Badges make your online courses more fun and engaging. It encourages perseverance in your workforce. Creating different badges from customizable LMS badge templates is easy. So is designing themed badges that align with employees’ interests. You can add value to your badges such as skill levels and bonus points. After which they can be rewarded with badges for the courses or videos they complete.

2. Levels

The ability to program levels in an LMS makes eLearning very exciting. They can advance to higher stages with greater enthusiasm. Clearing levels within set time limits also reduces boredom. This is helpful in employee training where the repetition of the same situations can bore your workforce. They can instead re-use the same skill sets at more advanced levels.

3. Points

Gamifying your online courses in an LMS with points can be a valuable universal evaluation tool at the workplace. Getting points and moving to higher levels after course/test completion feels rewarding to employees. It also allows you to gauge all staff on a uniform extent. And to track their progress on the same platform.

4. Progress bars

Checkpoints, progress bars and other progression methods in an LMS are good measures when employees want to know their own progress. Since many are usually competing against themselves. Further with progress bars, your employees can know how much of the course is left. It can help them to plan how much time to keep aside for courses. There is also a certain satisfaction in seeing those bars move. You can take it a step higher by including maps and themed trackers instead of traditional bars.

5. Leaderboards

You can create good competition among employees with leaderboards. They are also a good measure to assess how the staff fares against each other. Such game mechanics in an LMS will encourage your staff to learn more. Their morale and engagement will also increase. Plus seeing their names on the leaderboard will excite them and stir competition. This will, in turn, motivate them to do better. It will also show them the experts in a given category so that they know whom to contact for guidance.

Final word

Gamification is here to stay. It’s an incredible method that will enhance your training experience. It will change the future and its power is already evident in these 5 examples. With MindScroll’s LMS, you get in-built badges, leaderboards, levels, points, and progress bars with a robust award system. Such gamified employee training helps you to increase employee engagement and completion rates. Your ROI (return on investment) also increases. We hope you will have found this blog article useful in understanding gamification. Read this article for more insights on the concept of gamification and its benefits. 

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