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What is employee onboarding training?

According to Harvard Business Review, 23% of new employees leave their jobs before completing their first year due to poor onboarding experiences. 90% of new employees also know if they’ll leave or stay within 6 months of joining.

Onboarding/orientation/induction training is the training given to new employees to integrate them into your company. A smooth and engaging onboarding experience makes your new hires productive faster and increases retention levels. It also helps them to understand their job roles, company expectations, and processes.

MindScroll LMS for Employee Onboarding Training

What are the benefits of employee onboarding training?

New employees come with fresh ideas and perspectives. These can be valuable for your company.Hence, it’s essential to make your onboarding process stand out.

LMS Employee Onboarding TrainingHigher motivation

Onboarding training makes your new hires feel comfortable and integrated into their workplace. They get more motivated as they feel valued and part of a caring team

LMS Employee Onboarding TrainingMore productivity

New hire training makes your new employees more productive in their roles. They become meaningful contributors from day one. Plus, it also reduces their stress and chance of costly errors.

LMS Employee Onboarding TrainingHigher employee retention

Good onboarding training enables new hires to stay and keep them engaged. Thus, improving your employee retention and lowering hiring expenses.

LMS Employee Onboarding TrainingBetter adaptability

Onboarding training helps your new hires in easily adapting to their work environment. They are able to fit in quickly as they get to know about the job, company culture, processes, and policies from early on.

Why choose MindScroll LMS?

MindScroll is the new age LMS to deliver and track online training and development for employees, partners, and clients. It’s a great scalable cloud LMS for small, medium and large businesses. Being simple to use with powerful features,your new hires can be easily trained and their performance can be tracked. Training management systems, integrated virtual classrooms, online test engines, and collaborative eLearning tools – it’s all you need to deliver effective training and development across the globe.

Powerful content creation and management
  • Fast content creation/reuse of video/audio/SCORM files, PowerPoints, etc.
  • Support for ILT module, eLearning and blended training
  • Guided learning and certification with a learning plan
Cloud-based and user-friendly
  • User-friendly and easy access without plugins/installations
  • Seamless single sign-on learner experience
  • Support for self-paced m-learning
Safe hosting and backup
  • Secure hosted platform with an average uptime of 99.9%
  • Automatic periodic backups to reduce data losses
  • Fully hosted and scalable cloud platform
Test and assessments
  • Auto test generation and creation with the online test engine
  • Availability of a variety of tests (Proctored/Mock/Timed/)
  • Learner identity verification and remote test progress monitoring
Strong tracking and reporting
  • Detailed dashboard for managing learner performance and system usage
  • Course progress and learner activity tracking with summary reports
  • Participation and attendance tracking with social participation and engagement reports
Social learning
  • Discussion forums for collaborative social learning
  • Virtual classroom sessions using web conferencing tools
  • Social sharing widgets for continuous learning

Simple and Easy to Use for All Your Training Needs

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