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The Ultimate Guide to Improve Your Customer Service Training: Top 5 Tips for Great Customer Service

Published 3 years ago by Sana Bhat

86% of clients are willing to pay more for great customer service. By the end of 2020, it will overtake products and prices as the main brand differentiator (Walker study). But there is a difference in what companies and consumers feel about it. 80% of companies think they give great customer service, but only 8% of their consumers actually agree. So, how do you create better experiences? By improving your customer service training program. As it will get you new clients and increase your revenue and brand loyalty.

Want to learn how you can create a lasting customer service experience? Want to know how you can improve your customer service training program? Below listed are the top 5 tips which can help you get started:

1. Have clearly defined goals and business KPIs

Know what you want to achieve by having clear objectives. Think about what you need to get from your client support strategy. This will give you the results that you want. Make your own metrics and KPIs and regularly measure them. Such as average response time (ART), client satisfaction score (CST), and first contact resolution (FCR), etc. You can use ART to test customer service performance. You can also use FCR to find out the ability of your staff in understanding and resolving problems in the first touchpoint. Similarly, CSAT can be utilized to get insights on consumer perceptions about products/brand interactions.

2. Involve teams in training each other

Training doesn’t always have to be delivered by managers or supervisors. As they are usually running short on time. Have your teams pair up and track the performance of each other’s work. This will make them learn new things and they will give feedback based on what they see. You can also ask a top performer or someone strong in a particular field to train others on it. This will boost the morale of other employees and motivate them to perform well. These team-building exercises will also benefit new hires as they will get ample knowledge and tips. Such sessions will strengthen the feeling of belonging at work and create a shared and collaborative learning experience.

3. Learn by real-life scenarios

Customer service is one of the difficult professions today. You need to test how your employees will perform in real-life situations. Learn about different scenarios to prepare for future issues. Develop real-life situations and simulative materials to help your employees’ practice after their theoretical sessions end. Do role-plays on common situations with your staff. Track their performance and then find out solutions to improve your consumer responsiveness.

4. Have quarterly or yearly trainings

Training programs shouldn’t stop after your employee gets established on a team. Depending on what works best for your company, have team trainings every quarter, half-year or year. Such regular sessions are good practice for your team. This is because skill-based training is always changing and some skills can get weak if not maintained over time. So, do routine sessions to keep your team well aligned and doing their best. Working in this profession can be difficult and impact team relations. But team-building programs can help keep these relations sound and resolve all disturbances so that your employees can focus on their work.

5. Start with great onboarding

Your client support staff will perform better when they’re better informed about your company. Moreover, with any new role, the first few months will dictate your employees’ long-term success. So, make your new hires feel welcome and part of the team. Start with good onboarding to ensure they are ready to interact with your valuable consumers. Introduce and involve new hires so that they have a good idea about your company. Tell them what is expected of them in their training and the first month of work. This way, your client support team will be happier resulting in happy customers.

Final word

By now it’s clear that good customer service is essential for your company. It’s a must as you can’t compete without it. Moreover, your company’s reputation and revenue can suffer due to it. Hence, providing effective customer service training will lead to great success. It will also help you to achieve your client expectations all the time.

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